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Experiment: Y’all play TF2?

In-between working on the comic and dealing with college, I’ve gotten into Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress 2 Classic, games that I would play in small random intervals. Because of this, I made myself a spray of Lewis. If anyone wants to use it as well, I will post it here for downloading. After downloaded, use to convert it as a vtf. Anyways, this was just an experiment.

Download this baby boy.

How Lewis Came to Be (And Why He’s So Vulgar.)

Lewis T. Ersatz is a self-labeled trap who tends to be very rebellious to what is the norm at this point in time. He doesn’t care about many things, so long as you don’t get on his bad side. So far, he is the first antagonist of the story.

Lewis’s initial design was similar to what we see now, but with a different body shape and face. Showing him off to my friends initially, a lot of them pointed out that he looked very similar to Mako from Kill La Kill. In hindsight, I was probably indirectly influenced by her, but I wanted to make something more unique.

Smol Beta Lewis

It was around that time I decided to work on making him a weird mix of manga and American cartoon, having the best of both worlds when it comes to making him cute but still having overly exaggerated and cartoony expressions. The last thing I needed to do was to give him a personality that would stick out to me. It was difficult at first, but then I drew “helost.jpg.”

Looking at it now I realized I inverted the arcade stick unknowingly, but that’s not the point right now. The point is that I basically made a light-skinned Hispanic Japanese boy say “nigga,” and for some reason I thought that was the funniest shit I ever made. Because of that, this basically stuck with Lewis, un-officially being his catchphrase.

After that I basically made him a vulgar, smug little shit that’s also sweet and adorable if you get on his good side, finalizing his design and personality to what you see right now.

Even though this was his final design, little details changed over time, such as his cape, bow, and even his eyebrows, going from small dots to small, flexible triangles to give him more expression. Other than that, this is really all I can reveal without spoiling much to the general audience. Lastly we’ll talk about comic and how initially it was all going to be in color. See you Sunday!

-Rodrick S.

Chapter 1 is complete, chapter 2 to be in development soon. (+ Jeryld’s Origin)

Thank God Chapter 1 has come to a close, I’m honestly happy with how this comic is starting. Honestly I didn’t think this would be something I would do, most of the projects I come up with usually don’t go anywhere, but this is probably going to be my greatest personal achievement. Chapter 2 will be in development soon, but for now I will take a small break. In the meantime, I wanna share with you some Behind the Scenes of this comic.

Initially, the characters that you will see in this comic were a part of a small idea I had. Going by the same name, it would have just been a dumb, normal, possibly boring slice of life story that probably would have went nowhere. It still has some slice of life in it as it is part of the story, but it soon developed into a more action focused, story-based series of a hidden American city and the secrets behind a weird arcade.

Jeryld Finster and Lewis Ersatz were the first characters I made for this story, so obviously there are a lot of initial drawings for them. However, I can only recover a few things. For tonight, here is Jeryld’s first design:

Beta Jeryld and his gross ass face

Obviously he wasn’t looking so hot, in fact his head shape was similar to the head shape I give myself… Obviously I didn’t really like that much (I mean look at this man, he’s gross looking), so I redesigned him to be more exaggerated:

Better, but I’m not feeling it…

This time I made him taller and thinner, giving him skinny jeans, a longer face, and messier hair. While I loved this design better than his first, I felt like he was way too restricted. I had to think a bit more about what I wanted from him when it came down to his expressions and mannerisms. Thankfully I finally decided to make him as cartoony as I could, which is how you see him today:

Jeryld is now perfect.

When I made his final design I chose to rework him into something more unique, something that stuck out more than his initial and second design. His hair was also puffed up and made to be as big as his head, mostly because I thought it would be funny. I also gave him real eyes in case I decided to make a scene without his glasses, that way I didn’t have to draw those anime blind people eyes… you know the ones.

I’m honestly very excited to work on the second chapter, but I know I need to take a small break before I burn myself out. In the meantime, I will go over Lewis Ersatz and how he came to be so vulgar next week.

-Rodrick S.

Welcome to AmateurZ

This is a webcomic that I’ve been wanting to make for awhile, and at first I was worried about how to execute it. Me and a friend both realize that in some cases this might be taken down by bigger, well known webcomic distributors, so we made this website in case that were to happen. In any case, I hope you enjoy reading what I will create.

-Rodrick S.